All devices & all screens & all sizes

The concept of responsive web design emerged just a few short years ago, when it has been predicted that by 2015 mobile web browsing will overtake desktop browsing. A responsively designed website works across all devices seamlessly. This means that it looks great on smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets like the iPad. The idea has since become the foundation of every website we design for our clients. It looks good, it saves your money and it is rewarded by Google. Has it been more than 2 years since you redesigned your website? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade to a responsive website.

We are Google-friendly

In today's internet marketing world, SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to success. If you do not have a Google friendly website and are in a competitive industry in which you rely on organic search results from Google you are at an immediate disadvantage by not having a Google-friendly website. There are thousands of things contributing to Google’s algorithm, which determines a website’s position in the search results. We know how to tick all the right boxes and how to build websites with marketing and search engines in mind. Remember, your success is our success too. With our websites, we are confident that you have the full potential to grow your business online.

We are reliable

You can fully confide in us. The 100% guarantee is given by us not only on our products, but also on the time and costs needed. After we have come to the mutually agreeable solution and started to work on your business, we deliver results on time, on target, and on budget.

We build your success

We get down to your business goals rather than to the web site itself. In order to fit your exceptional needs, to expect growth and profit to be substantial, we start with an advanced market research and brainstorming session. The whole team is engaged in the process of creating marketing concepts which will drive your business making it to the top.

You control us!

We offer you a unique opportunity to hold the keys during the whole process of your web site development. The idea of clear and open work has gave an amazing account of itself. Our system enable the clients to track all upgrades on the project in the real time. Now you will not be at a loss as for what are you paying for, you will follow our work at any time! Want to know more?

you see your case

you track the progress

you test
and comment


you get
post-release support

After we have completed our product roadmap and feature planning, we convert features into Issues for the engineering team to work on. Usually the client in deprived of the chance to see what and how is happening next, however we offer this unprecedented opportunity to every our client. On the left you can see how the Project Management Web Application looks when we start our work. You will see your Project divided into several main tasks and being assigned to specialists of different departments.

When you open the task, you will see sub-tasks, which will help you to understand the steps/components of the main task. Here you could follow the process, tracking the changes of the task status. First you will see that the task is Assigned to the specialist, than it turns into In Progress and when the specialist who is working on it is done, you will see Done/ready for test sign. As soon as you see the last sign, you may test and asset the work.

You are enabled to control every step of the process, as the ticket is getting the status closed only when is approved by you. If there are any questions or you have found anything to be done incorrect, you leave your feedback and we fix the issue.

Another feature of our system is an easy and fast communication between the client and the specialist working on the particular task. You may leave massages, feedbacks, require documentation etc.

Apart from that, your case stays open even after the whole project is closed. How it benefits you? 1. We give you 10 Days Bugs-Free Trial, which means that if there are any bugs found by you in 10 days period after the Web Site is in release, it will be fixed immediately and for free-price. 2. We give you all the tools of maintaining the position of your Web Site in the Google Top and offer you our Professional Post Release Support.